Welcome to Soays of America

MakSoays of America, Inc. is a organization designed to conserve and protect the rare Soay sheep found in North America.

Our Mission Statement:
Soays of America is committed to the promotion and protection of the viability of Soay Sheep in North America. With registration and educational support, we expect to provide an accurate
representation of the breed standard, maintain a conservancy, and foster a sense of community for our members. Our goals are to be responsible breeders, supportive of one another through open communication and networking while advocating and upholding the quality and integrity of the breed.

Our association offers membership to breeders and enthusiasts, as well as an accurate and efficient registry. Members will receive a quarterly newsletter, a listing on our website, a yearly flockbook, as well as the ability to register the progeny of previously documented sheep. Our Registration Certificates are handsome and accurate and are accompanied by a pedigree of up to 5 generations. For more information, email us to receive membership information forms via US Postal Service. Please include your mailing address and phone number:

Our organization was formed with the intent to preserve the Soay bloodlines found in North America since 1970, and to provide the only registry for these sheep that was not privately owned and operated. Our Articles of Incorporation and our Bylaws reflect our purpose of maintaining an organization to assist our members in preserving this breed, with all members having equal say in the organization, and all members on our Board of Directors having equal voting power. Our Board Members are volunteers; they are not paid any wages or fees. Members of SOA are encouraged to run for positions on the Board of Directors, but are not required to do so. Breeders and enthusiasts alike are welcome to become members of SOA. Support of our organization contributes to the preservation of this unique and valuable rare breed.