Soay Sheep

The Soay sheep on this continent descend from the primitive Soay sheep originally found on the island of Soay, in the archipelago of St Kilda, 110 miles off the coast of Scotland. Many believe that these sheep were left on Soay by the Vikings, and they have survived alone and unassisted in a harsh environment for millenia.

Soay sheep were originally imported into North America in 1970, and our sheep descend from this importation. One of the many advantages of Soay sheep is their high resistance to disease, intestinal worms and hoof ailments. Their tails are naturally short and do not require docking. The wool will naturally shed each summer, negating any need for shearing equipment. For truly hardy and low maintenance small livestock, the Soays of America are an excellent choice. Please view our Soay Photos page to see some examples of the variety currently found within this breed.